SkyFall1058 Plugin WiKi

Last edit 09/04/2017

Configuration Help

Are you setting up the server?
maintenance: false

Whould you like the server to multi-arena or bungee-mode?
bungeecord: false

Set this to false if you’re using more minigames on a single server?
standalone: true

Choose a language file. You can add your own language files copying the default one and renaming it to messages_country.yml
language: en

The command executed when the game is over by console. This is required if you are using bungee-mode only.
restart-cmd: restart

This is the server where players will teleported when the game is over. This is required if you are using bungee-mode only.
lobby-server: hub

This is the booster velocity gived to the players using the default kit.
fly-boost: 5

The damage given by water per second.
water-damage: 1.5

The damage given when a players goes outside the arena’s border per second.
boder-damage: 0.5

Countdowns in seconds.
  waiting: 60
  pregame: 10
  game: 600
  refill: 120

Various rewars. Placeholders: {player}
    first: 10
    second: 5
    third: 3

    enable: false
    first: 10
    second: 5
    third: 5

Database settings =D
  host: 10

port: 3306
database: gravity
user: myUser
password: myPassword

Scoreboard date format.
date-format: dd/MM/YYYY